Cooperation for the fair gaming environment. (Yangak issue & more, 2024.06.05)
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Hello Savers!

We are making this announcement to give you some progress on the Yangak bug exploitation issue.

The development team is currently trying to identify every instances where the bug can be exploited to get through the map quickly in an abnormal way.

Meanwhile we are actively monitoring in-game to find constant exploiters.

We want to ask you to do 2 things.

1. Please don't use the bug. We will eventually be fixing it, but until then, we need your cooperation for fair gameplay.

2. Please share with us with the locations and methods of the bug used in Yangak, so that we can fix it once and for all.

We know that it may be inconvenient to follow the orthodox route. We know that the bug has not been fixed for many years. It may be late, but we are trying to fix the problems in game and make a fair and enjoyable environment, and we need your full cooperation to ultimately reach that.

Effective of this announcement, the following punishment will be applied, if you exploit the bug in Yangak.

1. 1st time will be 15 day ban.

2. 2nd time will be 30 day ban.

3. 3rd time will be permanent ban.

Hopefully, you and we together can make a better gaming environment.

We appreciate your support and commitment to the game.

We genuinely appreciate your cooperation on the issue. We have seen a drastic decrease in players violating the user agreement recently. 

Best regards,

SoulSaver Support Team


List of frequent violations against the user agreement (Updated 2024.04.30)

*If your account applies to any of the following, your account may/will get banned.

*Bugs will be fixed in the future

[If you have mistakenly violated any of the following, please send us a ticket as soon as you acknowledge the wrongdoing and we will consider it a mistake]

- Unauthorized 3rd party program usage

1. Macro programs(e.g. Macrorecorder, Tinytask, etc.)

2. Cheat/hack programs(Cheat Engine, Processhacker, Horizonth, etc.) (Instant permanent ban)

3. Usage of physical macro(mouse, keyboard, joystick, etc.)

4. Usage of other programs(e.g. Remote desktop programs, vmwares, etc.) as aid in auto-hunting.

- Bug Exploitation

1. Triggering the bug in Yangak to freefall, teleport to the top of the map, or get through the wall for shortcut (List will be updated)


a) Falling through the bottom of the map


a) Breaking through the wall/floor of the map to get down to the portal instantly


a) Freefalling through the middle wall of the map

b) Falling through the bottom of the map

c) Passing through the middle wall


a) Falling through the bottom right corner of the map

b) Passing through the corner/floor at the beginning of the map


a) Intentionally dying and resurrecting to get to the top instantly

b) Falling through the bottom of the map

c) Passing through the wall/floor corner on the middle of the map


a) Passing through the wall/floor corner on the beginning of the map


a) Falling through the left wall of the map


a) Dying and resurrecting(With intention) to get to the upper floor of the map

b) Intentionally dying and resurrecting immediately to get to the upper floor

2. Triggering the bug to transfer items that cannot be moved to the cash storage/CE/Personal shop/Item send/etc.

(expecially event items like SantaBelt) (Instant permanent ban)

3. Triggering a bug to illegally duplicate items/gold (Instant permanent ban)

4. Triggering the skill bugs(e.g. Mamluk's WeaponCircus) (Instant permanent ban)

- Out-of-game trading for real money (Permanent ban cause)

1. Buying/Selling in-game gold/items for real money

2. Buying/Selling accounts for real money

3. Buying/Selling m-cash for real money outside of the official channel

- Inappropriate character names/language

1. Character names including inappropriate words related to cursing or sexual harassment may be changed by the management.

Please follow the link below for any other information in the user agreement.

(Which all of you should already be familiar with, as you have read and agreed on upon account creation)


The following are the occasions where we do not have the liability to help you on.

- Items/account lost after sharing/trading the account

- Unable to provide necessary information in the verification process (Account ID, Full name[Registered name], 1st registered email address, valid and identifiable ID card)

- Refusing to provide us with the truth / making things up to deceive us

- Account banned due to permanent ban causes

- Asking for information on other players/accounts that does not belong to you

- Personal mistakes on losing/throwing away items or gold

- Deleted accounts

- Claiming that you did not know about the user agreement or its contents (You cannot create the account unless you have read and agreed on the user agreement)

- Failure in Internet connection