[Info] Maintenance on 25th of March
Date : 18/03/2024 Views : 2767
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Hello Savers!

Urgent Server Maintenance has scheduled for big fix (Some quests in Tian Teample).

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.

[Scheduled Server Maintenance]

Date/Time: 25th of March 15:30 ~ 16:00 [GMT + 9:00]

Unleash the Fury - The Berserker Class Has Arrived!

Please note that certain events associated with Berserker will conclude following the March update.

For comprehensive details and to ensure you do not miss out on any opportunities, kindly refer to

the information provided below.

It has come to our attention that certain players have been utilizing exploits to teleport through the

Yangak PVE content. We want to emphasize that such actions are clear violations of SoulSaver's policies.

Anyone found exploiting these bugs to gain an unfair advantage will face suspension from the SoulSaver service.

- Using skills to go fast through the orthodox route : Allowed

- Using soulmate teleports to get to the soulmate who has gone throught the map in the orthodox way : Allowed

- Using skills/moves to trigger a bug to force through the floor/wall and teleport to the top of the map immediately : Illegal

- Using skills/moves to trigger freefall bug on the map : Illegal

Rest assured, our Developer's Department is actively investigating this issue, and we anticipate a resolution

in the near future. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

[Scheduled Server Update]

Date/Time: 20th of March 09:00 ~ 12:00 [GMT + 9:00]

EXP Event

Weekly EXP Event Schedule

1. Game Contents Continued...

a. New Class: Berserker Available

One extra character slot has been unlocked

Maximum number of character per account is now 12.

Please keep in mind that you can expand character slot by using CharacterExpandAmulet.

b. Newbie Package for Berserker I

Comple the following quest to obtain BerserkerSupplyKit

2. END Event

a. Remove Character Lock for EF [2024/01/17 ~ 2024/02/21]

Players are able to create any EF characters without character lock during event period.

b. Newbie Package for Berserker II [2024/01/17 ~ 2024/02/21]

The item is delivered through the inventory as soon as the character is created.

c.Chat Buff Celebrating Berserker Update [2024/01/17 ~ 2024/02/21]

Type the secret words to activate buff

d. Upgrade Equipment for Berserker Class [2024/01/17 ~ 2024/02/21]

Upgrade success rate for Berserker Class Equipment increased by 5% during event period

e. Community Buff Arrived [2024/01/17 ~ 2024/02/21]

Group with Berserker Class receives special ability.

f. Boost Your Level! [Expires on March Update] [2024/01/17 ~ 2024/03/20]

Those who reach LV 160 with new class, Berserker, will get precious item.

Make a choice between Axe and Mace.

g.The Game of Yut [2024/02/21 ~ 2024/03/20]

h. I Have Prepared ChocolateBelt [2024/01/17 ~ 2024/03/20]

Event NPC

Event Item

Reward Item

3. Event

a. Collect Mysterious Petals [2024/03/20 ~ Next Update]

Event NPC

Quest Item

Reward Item

Event Shop

b. Owner of Verdure [2024/03/20 ~ Next Update]

Owner of Verdure [Repetitive]

Start NPCAnxiousFarmerComplete NPCAnxiousFarmer
Start LocationChasteHallComplete LocationChasteHall
RestAnxiousFarmer is nervous about farming of this year.
To release his anxiety, pelase bring him 20 VerdureSeed.
He will provide a VerdurePouch as a reward.
RequirementVerdureSeed x 20
RewardsVerdurePouch x 1

Event NPC

Quest Item






Collect 20 VerdureSeed to receive a VerdurePouch.

Reward Item






a pouch received for celebrating Month of Verdure.

Tag Name


Tag Score



HP +200


Completed Owner of Verdure
100 times.


Tag granted to those who have qualified
VerdureGuardian mission.

C. Making Candies [2024/03/20 ~ Next Update]

Event NPC

Quest Item

Reward Item

4. New Cash Item

New Cash Item Sale [2024/03/20 ~ Next Update]



Spring Season Item Sale [2024/03/20 ~ Next Update]

5 End Cash Item Sale

OutfitSet and Pouch from Last Month [2024/02/21 ~ 2024/03/20]