Urgent Maintenance for 5th of February
Date : 12/01/2024 Views : 5302
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Hello Savers!

Urgent Server Maintenance has scheduled for server stabilization.

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.

Daily EXP for Monday will be extend for the duration of the maintenance.

[Scheduled Server Maintenance]

Date/Time: 5th of February 14:00 ~ 15:00 [GMT + 9:00]

Unleash the Fury - The Berserker Class Has Arrived!

Get ready to embrace the power of raw fury and unbridled strength.

as we are thrilled to announce the arrival of the Berserker Class

We have prepared various events to commemorate our new content: Berserker.

Hope you enjoy all the events. ;)

[Scheduled Server Update]

Date/Time: 17th of January 09:00AM ~ 12:15PM [GMT + 9:00]

EXP Event

Weekly EXP Event Schedule

1. Game Contents

a. New Class: Berserker Available

One extra character slot has been unlocked

Maximum number of character per account is now 12.

Please keep in mind that you can expand character slot by using CharacterExpandAmulet.

b. Remove Character Lock for EF [Expires on Feb Update]

Players are able to create any EF characters without character lock during event period.

c. Newbie Package for Berserker I

Comple the following quest to obtain BerserkerSupplyKit

c. Newbie Package for Berserker II [Expires on Feb Update]

The item is delivered through the inventory as soon as the character is created.

d.Chat Buff Celebrating Berserker Update [Expires on Feb Update]

Type the secret words to activate buff

e. Boost Your Level! [Expires on March Update]

Those who reach LV 160 with new class, Berserker, will get precious item.

Make a choice between Axe and Mace.

f. Upgrade Equipment for Berserker Class [Expires on Feb Update]

Upgrade success rate for Berserker Class Equipment increased by 5% during event period

g. Community Buff Arrived [Expires on Feb Update]

Group with Berserker Class receives special ability.

2. END Event

a. Santa Corey's Christmas Gift [2023/12/20 ~ 2024/01/17]

Santa Corey stops by and drop gifts at specific time!

Please refer to the table below:

Reward Item

b. Dreams of Christmas [2023/12/20 ~ 2024/01/17]

Event Map

Event NPC

Event Item

Reward Item

c. Santa got in trouble! [2023/12/20 ~ 2024/01/17]

Event NPC

Event Item

Reward Item

3. Event

a. Participate New Year's Event [2024/1/17 ~ Next Update]

Event Map

Event NPC

Event Item

Reward Item

b. I Have Prepared ChocolateBelt [2024/1/17 ~ Next Update]

Event NPC

Event Item

Reward Item

4. New Cash Item

New Cash Item Sale [2024/01/17 ~ Next Update]






New Year Cash Item Sale [2024/01/17 ~ Next Update]

5 End Cash Item Sale

OutfitSet and Pouch from Last Month [2023/12/20 ~ 2024/01/17]

Christmas Season Items [2023/12/20 ~ 2024/01/17]