[Notice]Urgent server maintenance for December 12th
Date : 21/12/2023 Views : 1513
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Hello savers!




After the last update, there was a critical bug of GiftSock item being generated infinitely.
We have now fixed the error through maintenance.


As too many items were generated, we have decided to delete all GiftSock items generated

after the last update. This was necessary in order to keep the in-game economy from getting out of control.

We know that most players have been playing the event normally and not exploiting the bug.

Therefore, in order to compensate for the deleted GiftSock items that were obtained in a normal way,

we will be holding a gold x2 event until for the Christmas weekend(From December 22th to December 26th, GMT+9)

[The event time will be the same with the exp event time]. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Another thing we would like to mention, probably the more important thing is that we are aware of players trading event items through an illegal way.

Event items are not allowed to be sent, traded or sold to other players. However, we have found far too many cases of players
1. Registering the event items in CowardEye,
2. Storing the event items(e.g. SantaBelt) in cash storage to use later
3. Sending the event items via Security Consultant
4. Selling the event items on Personal shop


We know that a certain in-game bug is used for these actions, and the bug is being exploited.

This is a clear violation of the user agreement.

Those who already have exploited such  bug will be banned for 30 days, but from now on, anyone

who exploits the bug will be banned permanently. This is the final warning. We highly advise you to

respect and follow the user agreement that you all have agreed on.


Our team will be fixing the bug in the near future, but it does not mean that it is allowed to use in game.

Please be smart and do not violate the rules.


We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the recent error. We would appreciate it if you

can play the game normally, and we will try to bring you a better gaming experience.

Hopefully the next time we make an announcement, we will be back with the new job, Berserker.


Yours sincerely,
SoulSaver Support Team




[Scheduled Maintenance] 

Date/ Time : 12th of December 16:40 ~ 17:40. [GMT +9:00]


During the maintenance, players are unable to login to the game server and official website.
The server will be opened as soon as the maintenance is completed.



Thank you for understanding.



SoulSaver Support Team