[Notice] Update on Item Duplication Issue
Date : 02/06/2023 Views : 1492
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Hello Savers!


We understand your frustration on the ongoing item duplication issue. There were an excessive amount of duplicated items in the game, and are still being duplicated daily.


Most of the accounts that were in possession of very few duplicated items have been released, after the duplicated items being deleted.


If your account has not been released yet, please wait a little longer as the accounts are being examined more closely.


The deleted items will not be restored, as they were created by bugs.

However, if you had any items in Coward Eye during the suspension period, please let us know. We will help you retrieve them.


We hope to manage the issue as soon as possible, to provide a better game environment.


Thank you again for your patience.


Best Regards,

SoulSaver Support Team