[Notice] Item Duplication Issue
Date : 23/05/2023 Views : 1541
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We are currently in the process of deleting the duplicated items.


We are assuming that the accounts with 2 or less duplicated items are innocent, so we are releasing those accounts after thorough examination. However, the situation may change in the future.


When your account is released, please check if you have any duplicated items that you know of, and report to us immediately.


As we notified you earlier, we will not be answering any tickets related to the matter.


We are putting in every effort to handle the matter.


We appreciate your patience.








Hello Savers!


We have been monitoring the game for some while, and we are here to inform you on a critical issue regardind the game's economy : Item Duplication.


In the past few days, we have blocked most of the accounts that possess at least one or more duplicated items.

The usage of these duplicated items is regarded as in-game bug exploitation, which goes against the user agreement.

We have found out that the number of duplicated items has posed a great impact on the game's economy.

Therefore, we will be retrieving all the items that were illegally obtained.

The process may take a long time, so we ask for your patience until the issue is managed.

Meanwhile, we will not be answering to any tickets regarding this issue.


To those who have attempted or even succeded in duplicating the items, keep this in mind.

We have evidence that you have manipulated the game. If we find another evidence from now on, we are considering on pressing legal charges on you.

Also, we might not have blocked all the accounts that own duplicated items, but we highly advise you to keep the items to yourselves.

We will be continuing with the investigation, and if we find any evidence of selling the duplicated items or moving the duplicated items to another account, all the related accounts will be banned.


We are taking action for a fair and clean gameplay. We hope to retrieve the game economy.

We currently have no intentions to unblock the accounts that are heavily involved, but if you cooperate and help us resolve the matter, we may consider a possible release.


We would like to ask all of you to follow the user agreement that you have agreed upon account creation.



SoulSaver Support Team