[Notice] 2nd Password Hacking Issue
Date : 30/01/2023 Views : 1731
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Happy New Year, Savers!








We have two issues that would like to share with users today.


1. Billing Maintenance on 2023-01-31 15:00 GMT + [30 mintues]


During the maintenance, players might encounter some login, Mcash charge and

cash item purchase not functional. But the game play will not be affected


Due to the increase in VAT rate from 10% to 11% in Indonesia country last year,

Top-up amount of MCash through Unipin will be changed after the maintenance.

Please refer to the below image for the new amount option for Unipin Payment.





2. 2nd Passowrd Hacking Issue

We did brief investigation on the accounts experienced 2nd Password Hacking Issue for

past few days and would like to share where the stolen items were sent.

It seems that the stolen gold had been exchanged to JewerlyBox and then, widely traded to

TH community. As trading items in real currency is highly prohiited in SSO, those who has

trade activity with hacker are blocked from the server as of 2023-01-30.







Lastly, SoulSaver Team is putting their extra effort in not only processing tickets on the Lounge

but also, strengthening the security level of users accounts. We will make sure everyone will

be helped immediately.