[Info] Update Note for 21st of December!
Date : 19/12/2022 Views : 3471
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Hello, Savers!

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We have prepared some special Christmas Events for you savers.

Why don't you participate in these events in order to make your Christmas more exciting?

Hope you enjoy your own pleasant journey with SoulSaver.


*Facebook login issue is currently being reviewed by web developer and Facebook.

Thank you so much for understanding.



Last Reminder of Rules of Conduct Update:


From a recent investigation done by SSO developers, the number of players who abuse the

system has increased. Those actions below were monitored over this weekends in the server:

* Party with cheat characters and obtaining illegal EXP and/or items
* Trading gold earned from illegal activity via social media
* Macro


To protect innocent players from obtaining illegal gold, we enhance management policy

by restricting purchasing gold from 3rd person.

We announce that, as of June 23rd, 2020, those who have unreasonable trade action

with cheat account shall be blocked from the server. Netgame does not acknowledge

account sharing/trading and we do not take responsibility for the outcome.


Please avoid sharing/trading accounts as those actions will strictly be at your own risk.









EXP Event




Weekly EXP Event Schedule

[Scheduled Server Update]

Day/Time: 21st of December 09:00AM ~ 12:30PM [GMT +9:00]








1. Game Contents




a. Stabilizing the Server


b. Bug Fix





2. END Event




a. Thanksgiving Festival [2022/11/16 ~ 2022/12/21]



Quest NPC








b. November Dahlia [2022/11/16 ~ 2022/12/21]




* You can obtain quest item by hunting while the quest is in progress.






3. Event





a. Santa Corey's Christmas Gift [2022/12/21 ~ Next Update]


     Santa Corey stops by and drop gifts at specific time!

     Please refer to the table below.




Reward Item 





b. Dreams of Christmas [2022/12/21 ~ Next Update]



Event Map

Quest NPC



Reward Item







c. Santa got in trouble! [2022/12/21 ~ Next Update]






d. December BeachRose [2022/12/21 ~ Next Update]




* You can obtain quest item by hunting while the quest is in progress.







4. New Cash Item




New Cash Items Release [2022/12/21 ~ Next Update]












New Item

Strength +10
Dexterity +10
Constitution +10
Intelligence +10
Exp +10% (Lowered to 0% when the event ends)

* The ability of VipTag1 will be lowered from +10 to +1 after the next update.







Winter & Christmas Season Items Release [2022/12/21 ~ Next Update]


* Innuit Outfit Set : 2,300 cash
* Lunar Night Outfit Set : 2,300 cash


















5. End Release Cash Item