[Info] Update Note for 26th of August!
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Hello, Savers!



Issue: IceCube and IceBelt disappear when logged out, we are currently check this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



It is our honor to update contents that may help you leveling more convenience.

But, we are a bit afraid if this will trigger the number of using macro increasing.


Regarding rollback issue during 21.08.13 and 21.08.17, our team is making a effort into

taking care of the tickets on Lounge system. We will make sure everyone have their lost

items back!!! Much appreciate your understanding ;)



Last Reminder of Rules of Conduct Update:


From a recent investigation done by SSO developers, the number of players who abuse the

system has increased. Those actions below were monitored over this weekends in the server:

* Party with cheat characters and obtaining illegal EXP and/or items
* Trading gold earned from illegal activity via social media
* Macro


To protect innocent players from obtaining illegal gold, we enhance management policy

by restricting purchasing gold from 3rd person.

We announce that, as of June 23rd, 2020, those who have unreasonable trade action

with cheat account shall be blocked from the server. Netgame does not acknowledge

account sharing/trading and we do not take responsibility for the outcome.


Please avoid sharing/trading accounts as those actions will strictly be at your own risk.








EXP Event




Weekly EXP Event Schedule

[Scheduled Server Update]

Day/Time: 26th of August 09:00AM ~ 12:00PM [GMT +9:00]








1. Game Contents




a. Stabilizing Server


b. Bug Fix


c. Adjustment

       - Knockback issue adjustment

        There has been a skill cancelation issue due to attacks by monsters

         Reduced the frequency of skill cancelation by decreasing the time of the state of stun


d. Soul Link System

       - Provides additional ability depending on Class, Level of chracter(s) in account.

       - Number of characters in account has influence on the magnitude of ability

       - Each Class has a different kind of ability effect.

         Please refer to the below table for detail




        Table describing bonus effect (per level)





2. Event END




a. 9th Anniversary Attendance  [2021/06/24 ~ 2021/08/26]

Keep LevelUPCoupon in your inventory and contact EventHelper.



Event NPC


Reward Item





Quest Item

Reward Item



Quest Item

Reward Item



Quest Item

Reward Item






b. 9th Anniversary Event Shop [2021/06/24 ~ 2021/08/26]

9th Anniversary Event Shop is available from EventHelper.

A special currency called 9thAnniversaryCoin will be used in the shop.




Event NPC



Quest Item





Reward Item





c. 9 Years of Record [2021/06/24 ~ 2021/08/26]

Collect 9 years of memories on the Monster Encyclopedia to receive a reward.


Quest Item

You can obtain the above item from EventHelper NPC shop









d. Upgrade to GiantWindPalm [2021/06/24 ~ 2021/08/26]


Event NPC


Quest Item 





e. Return WindPalm back! [2021/06/24 ~ 2021/08/26]


Event NPC


Quest Item





f. Increasing Composition Success Rate [2021/06/24 ~ 2021/08/26]

During the event period, you will have a higher composition success rate, and fully charged seal items are available!


Event NPC





g. Typing Event Code on Chat [2021/06/24 ~ 2021/08/26]






h. 9th Anniversary Lantern [2021/06/24 ~ 2021/08/26]

Please provide 9thAnniversaryToken as many as you can.
Once 9th Anniversary Lantern is completely built, the effect of 9th anniversary will be activated.


Quest Item 

You can obtain the above item from monsters in the world.




i. SoulSaver 9th Anniversary [2021/06/24 ~ 2021/08/26] 



Reward Item (Event Pouch)










3. Event




a.This Belt Melts! [2021/08/26 ~ September Update]



Event NPC


Quest Item


Reward Item





b. Duke's Favor [2021/08/26 ~ September Update]  




Reward Item












4. New Cash Item




New Cash Items Release [2021/08/26 ~ Next Update]




Diver Outfit Set







Lucky Summer Pouch



Preminum Summer Pouch



Luxury Summer Pouch








5. End Release Cash Item



New Cash items Release END