[Info] Update Note for 25th of February!
Date : 22/02/2021 Views : 2331
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Hello, Savers!

We always hope you stay safe and healthy from the infection of COVID 19.


We have prepared a mini-game called Yut Game, which is known as a Korean traditional game.

Do not miss out this great opportunity to get tons of rewards.



As we had done in previous years, we decided to keep New Year Hat on your inventory.

However, please keep in mind that its option will be removed after the update.



Enjoy ;)





Last Reminder of Rules of Conduct Update:


From a recent investigation done by SSO developers, the number of players who abuse the

system has increased. Those actions below were monitored over this weekends in the server:

* Party with cheat characters and obtaining illegal EXP and/or items
* Trading gold earned from illegal activity via social media
* Macro


To protect innocent players from obtaining illegal gold, we enhance management policy

by restricting purchasing gold from 3rd person.

We announce that, as of June 23rd, 2020, those who have unreasonable trade action

with cheat account shall be blocked from the server. Netgame does not acknowledge

account sharing/trading and we do not take responsibility for the outcome.


Please avoid sharing/trading accounts as those actions will strictly be at your own risk.








EXP Event




Weekly EXP Event Schedule

[Scheduled Server Update]

Day/Time: 25th of February 09:00AM ~ 12:00PM [GMT +9:00]








1. Game Contents




a. Stabilizing the Server


b. Bug Fix


c. Resolution Update (More Resolution Option Available)


d. Game Menu Renewal








2. END Event




a. To Develop Supernatural Power [2021/01/19 ~ 2021/02/25]


Quest NPC


Quest Item


Reward Item







b. Check Fortune [2021/01/19 ~ 2021/02/25]



Event NPC






c. I Have Prepared Chocolate Belt [2021/01/19 ~ 2021/02/25]



Event NPC


Quest Item


Reward Item






d. Celebrating the Year of Cow [2021/01/16 ~ 2021/02/25]



Reward Item






3. Event




a. CaptainSoo's Scret Training [2021/02/25 ~ Next Update]



Reward Item







b. The Game of Yut [2021/02/25 ~ Next Update]




Event NPC


Quest Item


Reward Item

Item will be provided through giftbox (Complete the round from more than 7 rolls.)



Item will be provided through giftbox (Complete the round by 5 or 6 rolls.)



Item will be provided through giftbox (Complete the round from less than 4 rolls.)








4. New Cash Item




New Cash Items Release [2021/02/25 ~ Next Update]




















5. End Release Cash Item



New Cash items Release END [2020/01/19 ~ 2021/02/25]