[Info] Event Announcement & System Abuse Warning
Date : 18/12/2020 Views : 2732
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Hello, Savers!


There will be no Double Gold Drop Event as of







We are writing to inform you of the issue after the December update and the information on Amnesty Event.

Thanks to quick reports from the valued players, we monitored that some players move event items from

a character to another, using a trick, which is confirmed to be taking advantage of a defect in the system.


As of 2020-12-18 18:00 GMT + 9, It is prohibited to intentionally move the event item to another account.


Please keep in mind that all accounts caught will be blocked from the server without warning for their action.





[Amnesty Event 2020]



Amnesty event to release blocked accounts



Who is available:
1. Those who blocked from the server in 2018 or before
2. Those who blocked from the server for macro program use in 2020 or before
(Accounts that have already been given the opportunity will not be applied)



Who is not available:
*Using a 3rd party program
*Insult Netgame staff



How to apply:
Please leave a ticket under the title of Amnesty Event via cs.soulsaveronline.com



When is the due:
2020-12-21 ~ 2020-12-27 23:59:59 GMT + 9


We have decided to adjust the duration of the event due to tickets on the website overloaded.

We appreciate your understanding as to provide a better service among the current users.



Application Form or Format:
1. Account name
2. Your full name
3. 1st registered email
4. Reason for being blocked from the server



Your ticket may be ignored or closed by Netgame staff If you made multiple tickets

with the same content or you are not eligible to participate in the event.


We inform you that users who have been sanctioned within the event period will

not be able to participate in the event!








Last Reminder of Rules of Conduct Update:


From a recent investigation done by SSO developers, the number of players who abuse the

system has increased. Those actions below were monitored over this weekends in the server:

* Party with cheat characters and obtaining illegal EXP and/or items
* Trading gold earned from illegal activity via social media
* Macro


To protect innocent players from obtaining illegal gold, we enhance management policy

by restricting purchasing gold from 3rd person.

We announce that, as of June 23rd, 2020, those who have unreasonable trade action

with cheat account shall be blocked from the server. Netgame does not acknowledge

account sharing/trading and we do not take responsibility for the outcome.


Please avoid sharing/trading accounts as those actions will strictly be at your own risk.