[Info] Update Note for 10th of March!
Date : 09/03/2020 Views : 2848
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Hello, Savers!



Update Has Completed!



We would like to inform the contents to be on the update for March 2020!





EXP Event



Weekly EXP Event Schedule

Day Time (GMT + 9) Content
Monday 1pm - 5pm x2 EXP
Tuesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Thursday 11am- 3pm x2 EXP
Friday 7pm - 11pm x3 EXP
Saturday 10am - 3pm x3 EXP
Sunday 1pm - 6pm x3 EXP

[Scheduled Server Update]

Day/Time: 10th of March 09: 00AM ~ 12:00PM [GMT +9:00] 3 hours




1. Game Contents



a. Stabilizing the Server


b. Billing System Error Fix






2. END Event



a. I Have Prepared ChocolateBelt [2020/02/11 ~ 2020/03/10]



b. CaptainSoo's Seret Training [2020/02/11 ~ 2020/03/10]





3. Event





a. New. Make FlowerPancake [2020/03/10 ~ Next Update]



Event NPC








b. Lucky Clover Event [2020/03/10 ~ Next Update]




You can purchase spring event items from Event Shop(EventHelper) during the event period.




*Exchange Clover






*Enhance Clover Accessory


Fixed Option


Random Option




*Disassemble Clover Accessory











C. Request From Chaste Hall Lady [2020/03/10 ~ Next Update]



Reward Item






4. New Cash Item




New Cash Items Release [2020/03/10 ~ Next Update]



Golden Cafe Outfit Set






Spring Season Items Release [2020/03/10 ~ ]















5. End Release Cash Item



New Cash Items Release END [2020/02/11 ~ 2020/03/10]  





*Valentine's Day and Winter Season Items have also removed from Premium Shop.