[Info] Update Note for 15th of January!
Date : 14/01/2020 Views : 3291
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Hello, Savers!



Server Maintenance Has Completed!






Happy Chinese New Year!

As many of you may know this is the year of Rat.

We prepared contents related to Rat and hope Savers enjoy to the full.






EXP Event



Weekly EXP Event Schedule

Day Time (GMT + 9) Content
Monday 1pm - 5pm x2 EXP
Tuesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Thursday 11am- 3pm x2 EXP
Friday 7pm - 11pm x3 EXP
Saturday 10am - 3pm x3 EXP
Sunday 1pm - 6pm x3 EXP

[Scheduled Server Update]

Day/Time: 15th of January 09: 00AM ~ 12:00PM [GMT +9:00] 3 hours




1. Game Contents



a. Stabilizing the Server


b. Bug Fix

      Quest Crash Issue: [41] Fool Yangak' follower!


      Item Unseal Issue: DeityPickax(Count:500)      








2. END Event



a. Santa Corey's Christmas Gift [2019/12/23 ~ 2020/01/15]



b. Dreams of Christmas [2019/12/23 ~ 2020/01/15]



c. Santa got in trouble [2019/12/23 ~ 2020/01/15]



d. Christmas Quick Quest Event [2019/12/23 ~ 2020/01/15]





3. Event





a. To Develop Supernatural Power


Event NPC


Quest Item


Reward Item






b. New Year's Greeting


Event NPC


Reward Item




c. Check Fortune


Event NPC


Reward Item





d. Chinese New Year Quick Quest Event[Daily]








4. New Cash Item




New Cash Items Release [2020/01/15 ~ Next Update]


Innuit Outfit Set















5. End Release Cash Item



New Cash Items Release END [2019/12/23 ~ 2020/01/15]  




Christmas Cash Items Release END [2019/12/23 ~ 2020/01/15]


Winter Season items are still available on Premium Shop.