[Info] Update Note for 6th of August
Date : 05/08/2019 Views : 3079
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Server Update Has Been Completed!



Hello, Savers!



We are happy to announce that New Netherworld map, Faint Battle, has been updated.
Players with + level 160 may enter into Faint Battle but, related quests are available upon reaching

level 170. You can find the details from below.
Moreover, our staffs were recently working on monitoring players who use 3rd party programs,
including hardware and software program. For this reason why we had difficulty in checking and
fixing skills bugs from this update.
We apologize for the inconvenience and this issue will be fixed shortly.




EXP Event


Weekly EXP Event Schedule

Day Time (GMT + 9) Content
Monday 1pm - 5pm x2 EXP
Tuesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm x2 EXP
Thursday 1pm- 5pm x2 EXP
Friday 7pm - 11pm x3 EXP
Saturday 9am - 1pm x3 EXP
Sunday 1pm - 6pm x3 EXP

[Scheduled Server Update]

Day/Time: 6th of August 09: 00AM ~ 12:00PM [GMT +9:00] 3 hours




1. Game Contents

a. Stabilizing the Server


b. New PVE Content

     - Faint Battle






       Quest: FaintBattle pops on from Succubus chat window once the above two quests are completed.



       *TIP Fantasy Teleport Crystal is also available from completing Quest: Clear up the misunderstanding




2. Event


a. Mango Juice is my favorite [2019/08/06 ~ Next Update]

       -Please refer to Update Note for July for details



b. Burning Accessory Event [2019/08/06 ~ Next Update]

       -Please refer to Update Note for July for details



c. MosquitoCoil is needed [2019/08/06 ~ Next Update]


Quest NPC


Quest Item


Reward Item






d. Growing Weeds [2019/08/06 ~ Next Update]


Event NPC(=> NekoIsland)


Event NPC(=> Chaste Hall)



Quest NPC


Quest Monster


Reward Item




e. Preparing Ingredients [2019/08/06 ~ Next Update]


Quest NPC


Quest item


Reward Item




f. A reward for helping NekoIsland [2019/08/06 ~ Next Update]


Quest NPC


Quest Item


Reward Item







3. New Cash Item


New Cash Items Release [2019/08/06 ~ Next Update]


Anubis Outfit Set



New Summer Outfit Pouch



Hot Vacation Pouch


Funny Vacation Pouch


Happy Vacation Pouch






4. End Release Cash Item


New Cash Items Release END [2019/07/02 ~ 2019/08/06]