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mage building guide (stats+ skills) [updatate]

Max lv skill yinyang charge if you use fan or max Lv skill staff mastery if you use staff
Max Lv skill icejavelin
Teleport Lv 5
max lv hexardon shield
max lv double jump
thats basic skill build for the mage
from lv 10 to 60: you have 100 skill points, after invest like that you will have 30 skill points left
its like this from lv 10 to 17 do not invest any skill points, save them fom icejavelin.
after you mastered ice javelin invest all skill points on Weapon Mastery Skill to increase your damage.then from lv 29-32 save up skill points for Hexardon shield. you can save 9 skill points for Double Jump
after mastered all that basic skills you can invest to another skill like ,Triple Burst,,Naturals Bless

Dragon Visage just a ****** skill. dont waste on it

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